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Munich Follies I had been staying at the guest house in Munich for four days, phonerotica from the amount of sperm stains on the sheets anyone might have been forgiven for thinking that it had been considerably longer.

They weren't all mine. The longest had come from the beautiful young son of the landlady who sometimes made the bed and cleaned the room. On the second day of phonerotica stay I returned to my room after breakfast to find him standing over my bed and ladies, obviously turned on by hot naced bitches sperm stains he had discovered.

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He was very embarrassed but I persuaded him to continue, taking out my own prick to encourage him. He came very quickly, shooting a long stream of sperm right across the bed, giving me quite a complex. Masturbating two or three times a day meant that my offerings were very humble.

But the great thing was being able to masturbate freely, without worrying about whether my wife would require my services that night. So far I had masturbated each night and morning, usually rubbing erecting prick against the sheet before going to ladies and in the morning throwing back the bedclothes and wanking while looking at myself in the mirror. From the first morning the chambermaid had given me a knowing look after making my bed. The morning after the episode with the carlotta champagne labia son, I was working in my room when she came in and I watched her face as she straightened out the bottom sheet.

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She smiled, blushed slightly and threw me a quick glance. Erecting got great excitement out of leaving my mark and her reaction was more than enough to give me an erection. I started to rub my penis through my trousers, subtly at first and then more obviously.