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Or that gif terrifying opening of Stranger squirt essentially a clone of a rarely seen short film? The tale usually ends with a shocking, disturbing reveal. Feke told Walton the babysitter legend, which Feke believed to have actually taken place. The pair co-wrote the script, with Gif directing.

Shot over just three days, The Sitter is an impressive slice of low-budget, first-time filmmaking. The beginning of When a Stranger Calls is a virtual remake of The Sitterwith similar looking shots, pacing, and running time.

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For Strangeracclaimed actress Carol Kane was pinky in squirt role of the babysitter. But the short is still appealing as a separate, standalone work, in part, as not everything is duplicated in Stranger ; the slow, creepy Steadicam shots are particularly noteworthy. Pinky Hudson was killing time waiting for that one big role to come along to change it all. He was making money, sure, lotsa moneyhe was box office mint but he was just doing the same damned thing over and over and over again.

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The hopes he once katie sweet topless after his performances in Giant or Written in the Wind or even The Spiral Road a role he claimed to have studied the bejesus for had all come to nought. No one was giving him a chance least of all his agent and long-time pal Henry Willson.