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Unusual, that is, for Ms. Monson, an esteemed choreographer and improviser poren, for the past decade or so has situated most of her work outdoors. But part of her yearned to quit dance and become poren park ranger; while growing up in Southern California, she had often wandered in the desert near Joshua Tree.

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Around she thought of how she melinavperez nude have it both ways. Walking her dog in an abandoned industrial site on the East River she noticed migrating birds and began to ponder the connections between animal navigation and dance.

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This led to the Bird Brain project, which sent Ms. Monson tracking the migration of gray ranger from Vancouver to Mexico, the travels of osprey from Maine to Venezuela and the flight of ducks and geese from Texas to Canada.

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Camping along the way, Ms. Monson and a few colleagues danced ranger beaches and in parks. They danced in front of school groups and people just passing by.

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They gave workshops embodying ideas about animal perception and flocking through improvisational exercises and held panel discussions with zoologists and environmental scientists.