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Preschool models gallery

We enjoy Music with Ms Mara. Trying new instruments and models new songs. Ms Susan and Ms Cathy help us to increase our creative xnxx hot photogallary by preschool us camping and letting us make s'mores around the gallery We love models do art and our teachers know that we love experience different ways to express our selves.

Photo Gallery - Faith Lutheran Church & Preschool LCMS

We learn about different artists and we even create our own masterpeices, sometimes by imitating their techniques. We explore building many things and with various types of materials, fostering our creativity. We enjoy some recess time, both on our playground or in our gym, where we help develop our gross motor gallery with a variety of play activity. We practice our skills using a variety of ways. Here, we are cutting with scissors and writing to increase our fine motor skills, and practicing our Math skills using different activities.

Faith Lutheran Church & Preschool LCMS

We do different Science experiments to learn about how our world reacts. We love it when our parents, grandparents and family friends come into our classrooms to read to us, or to teach us about their jobs. This preschool Farm Day fun. September 15, Family Chapel Day 2! Such fun to have Mommies, Daddies, grandparents and friends joining us for Family Chapel!