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Forgot your password? Cheerleaders have a First Amendment right to complain about cheerleading, even by posting "fuck cheer" on Snapchat, according to a recent, praiseworthy ruling in a federal fuck court. The case concerned a teenage girl, referred to as "B.

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She vented by taking a selfie with her middle finger raised. She captioned the photo "fuck school fuck softball fuck cheer fuck everything," then posted it on Snapchat for friends to see.

Unfortunately for B. Fuck siding with B.

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Kids do not lose their free speech rights when they become students, and schools may only punish objectionable speech if it truly disrupts an educational environment. Violations of college students' free speech rights attract a lot of attention from the national media these days, and even President Donald Trump says he's nepalisex move about them. But defending the First Amendment rights of K—12 students is no less important.

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Perhaps if the free speech rights of kids were better protected, they would appreciate those rights more—and be more apt preteeen defend them when preteeen go on to college. Shikha Dalmia 8.