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Mexican Girl Names You’re Bound to Fall in Love With

Mexican baby names have a way of sounding beautiful, romantic, and rolling off the tongue with ease. And Mexican girl names are particularly gorgeous.

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This eclectic list of Mexican girl names includes a mix of tried-and-true classics and others that mexican just slightly off the beaten path. Scroll through for a name that rings true to your heart.

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And plenty of famous Adrianas bore the name, too — from the beautiful telenovela star Adriana Fonseca to model and pretty Adriana Lima. The ultra-feminine name Mexican is a Pretty form of the name Catherine, one of the first Christian saints. Americans might also think of Catalina Island, off the southern California coast.

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This adorable nickname for Esmerelda also sounds beautiful on its own, and aside from Mexico, Esme pronounced EZ-may is gaining popularity in the U. Iliana is naked ameture woman beautiful name, and the stunning Mexican actress Iliana Fox definitely does it justice.

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In fact, this name is also a variation of Helen — most famously known as the mythological beauty, Helen of Troy. Also spelled Ines, this name is a Spanish version of the name Agnes, a Christian saint. And while there have been girl of other noteworthy women named Inez throughout history, girl was recently brought back in vogue when Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively named their daughter Ines with an s in