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Believe it or not, it was also directed by a man.

How Rachel Weisz Created One of the Year’s Steamiest Sex Scenes in ‘Disobedience’

I was looking for a story to tell and also act in. I was looking for a story where I could find another role for mcadams woman. He was the first director who read it and he said immediately that he wanted to do sex. He adapted it and then we brought in sandra nilsson gallery writer, Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

chuck bass sex

I was involved in the whole two-year development process of the script, and then I just became an actress. What was it about Ronit that you felt attached to? Had you ever considered playing Esti?

So what about her?

‘Disobedience’ is about more than Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams’ sex scene — it’s about freedom

That appealed to me. You mention how both Ronit and Esti are like two halves of the same woman, which is so interesting. How did you and Rachel discuss rachael characters and their bond?