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Rihanna video naked

The realistic wax models are, lying from left to right, George W.

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Rihanna appears to lie naked next to her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, seen fourth and fifth from left in the row of sleeping celebs. Kanye West feat. Kanye's new music video proves misogyny is still alive and thriving lol I'm disgusted.

He put a naked Rihanna next to naked Chris Brown. That shit is tasteless and exploitive https: Kanye for real added Chris Brown and Rihanna look a likes next to naked other and y'all don't see a problem with what he's doing?????

Rihanna Goes Topless for Intimate, Black & White 'Kiss It Better' Video

This is why I am disgusted pic. HOW do people defend kanyes "art" when he put a naked rihanna next to a naked chris brown? They got naked Chris laying next to naked Rihanna pic. So if Kanye put everyone he ever had beef with in the music video why is Rihanna there?

Why oh why did Kanye West put a naked Rihanna and Chris Brown next to each other in his new video?

When people rihanna Rihanna's nipples it's no big deal. When an ordinary woman shows her nipples it's like she naked woman dares committed a crime…hmm. Rihanna arrives 30 minutes late to Dublin gig and begins crying during her second video.

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