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In fact, last week's episode actually did a little better in the demographic than the climactic episode where the killer was revealed.

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Pascalwho robin already appeared in one episode out of his as of now five-episode stint, is throwing a wrench into the smooth-running engine that is the chemistry between Simon Baker's Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, played by Robin Tunney.

The zombie sluts flirting has grown more serious since the dark shadow of Red John has left butt show, but fans hoping that they would get together after almost six full seasons may be in for a disappointment. We talked with Tunney about the direction Lisbon's relationships are headed, what it's like to be screamed at tunney people in Nicaragua, and the impossible standard of Sandra Bullock's rear end.

You get to do some magic with Jane in Sunday's episode?

Robin Tunney Teases 'The Mentalist' Love Triangle: Fans Will Be 'Really Happy' or 'Very Upset'

There's a little bit of magic in this episode. Basically, with his kind of magic, I'm usually not let in on this stuff. I'm his assistant. Only, I don't get to wear booty teens asian cute costume.

It's OK, actually tunney I don't think I want to wear robin and a leotard at my age. You generally don't get to play with Jane when he's doing that butt of thing. Is it a sign of growing intimacy, maybe?