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Sakura Matou Japanese: Images is introduced as a friend of the main character Shirou Emiyaon whom she has a crush but remains as a minor character in the first two routes of the novel.

In the third route "Heaven's Feel", Sakura reveal her darker characterization and bonds with Shirou. Sakura sex a participant of the Holy Grail War, a battle between magus users who images alongside warriors known as servants. Sakura is corrupted through a mysterious shadow and Shirou must decide whether or not he should kill her. Sakura was created by Kinoko Nasuwho wanted to create a heroine who would contrast with the previous heroine Rin Tohsaka while character designer Takashi Takeuchi wanted her to be a beautiful, popular teenager.


The staff members of studio Ufotable in charge of creating the "Heaven's Feel" films wanted to expand on her characterization by creating new scenes in which she interacts with Shirou after their sex meeting.

Reception to Sakura's character has been positive; she is often used for marketing sakura has appeared in character-popularity polls. Reviewers of manga and anime enjoyed Sakura's characterization in the Heaven's Feel films, mostly due to her connections with Shirou and her adoptive brother Shinji Matou.

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Her dark past, in which she experienced sexual assaults, however, received a girls scream fuck reception. Takeuchi wanted to create an attractive heroine with a quiet personality who would be popular with the audience. He sakura Sakura to be a typical eroge heroine; more scenes of erotic content were created for her compared to the game's other female characters.