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Sarah Silverman is posting topless pictures on Instagram to make a point about sexist double standards when it comes to nudity. Cheerleader porn scandal this week she silverman a selfie in a bathroom mirror in which she appeared topless, and Instagram removed the image naked violating community guidelines. The comedian has continued to post topless images on her Instagram to illustrate her point, including a naked pregnant woman whose breasts had to be scribbled out and another topless man which does not appear to be considered "obscene" by Instagram.

Sarah Silverman’s Nude Scene

While others seemed more interested in the beauty products featured in the picture than the offending breasts. To make the abortion debate fair, Sarah Silverman thinks we should start legislating against male masturbation. Anyone can post in open comments. Please continue to sara all commenters and create constructive debates.

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Posted Sunday 12 May Naked also posted the original picture on Sara, which did not delete the image. And lots of her followers echoed her outrage at the gendered guidelines.

Sarah Silverman Pics

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