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Sex scandal

Parliamentary workers who complained about inappropriate behaviour in sex Labour Pak metart are fearful, intimidated, and feel they have not been taken seriously, says National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett.

Bennett said she had been contacted by one of the women candal made a formal complaint with the Labour Party, one of several who alleged bullying and sexual harassment about a Labour staffer working in the parliamentary complex. They feel they are losing all options and actually losing hope. Bennett said she was told the complainants, some of whom worked in the Beehive and in the Prime Minister's office, sex feeling unsafe. They've taken the extraordinary step, because they feel they are not being listened to or taken seriously, to actually come to the deputy leader of the Opposition to hope they can be heard.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed on Tuesday that the party conducted an internal investigation into the complaints, but that process was now being reviewed independently following further complaints.

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The Herald understands there are 12 people who girl from twilightnaked improper behaviour, seven of whom laid formal complaints with the Labour Party.

Four have since quit the party. No disciplinary action was taken following the internal investigation, and the complainants had not laid any complaints with the police or candal the Speaker, who is responsible for candal health and safety of parliamentary workers.

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A spokesperson for Ardern said the formal complaints were made to the Labour Party and were workplace complaints. The spokesperson said that support has been proactively offered to the seven formal complainants, and that the issues raised with Sex had not been raised with the Prime Minister's office, or Parliamentary or Ministerial Services.

Bennett did not want to comment on the nature of the allegations, but she had raised her concerns with Speaker Trevor Mallard.