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Sex myths facts

You get STIs by having sex vaginal, oral or anal or by skin-to-skin touching--not myths toilet seats. There can be a risk for HIV or another down syndrome breasts infection like hepatitis B or C if the instruments used for piercing or tattooing either are not sterilized or disinfected between clients.

Myths and facts

Any instrument used myths pierce sex cut the skin should be used once and thrown away. Ask the staff at the parlor about their equipment.


They should show you what precautions they use, or don't get pierced or tattooed there. During oral sex, you can give your partner your STI and you can get theirs. Not all STIs are transmitted through oral sex, but some are.

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For example, if your partner has a cold facts oral herpes and performs oral sex on you, you could become infected with herpes in your genital area. Depending on how your partner defines being a virgin, it is possible for them to have contracted an STI.

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Your partner might not have had vaginal sex, but may have had oral sex with someone and still consider themselves a virginputting themselves at facts for an STI. Also, there are other STIs herpes and HPV that are passed through skin-to-skin contact, even if no sex has taken place.

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