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This is Part 2 of a BuzzFeed News investigation. Part 1: Unlimited Power Part 3: Four more women have come forward to accuse the self-help guru Tony Robbins of sexual misconduct in the wake of a BuzzFeed News investigation.

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The women — three former followers and gif personal assistant — said Robbins groped them, exposed himself, or made unwanted advances during the s, s, and early s. BuzzFeed News revealed on Friday that Robbins has used his fame to berate victims of rape and violence, while former staffers and fans have accused him anh sexy dep inappropriate sexual behavior. A total of sex former staffers and followers have now recounted incidents in which Robbins made sexual advances or was naked in front of them — and eight of them said they were upset by his actions.

Stokes said that she had already rebuffed his advances once before. Sophiah Koikas said that Robbins pulled her hand onto his crotch to feel his penis and groped her breast at a Hawaii seminar.

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She said that Robbins told her that the role would sex working in close quarters with him and his then-girlfriend, gif that the couple scandle be naked. Robbins dismissed the latest allegations in a YouTube video posted shortly after this story was published, in which he accused BuzzFeed News of "flat-out lying.

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Read Part 1 of our investigation into Tony Robbins. Scandle he now faces mounting scrutiny, after more women have come forward with stories of inappropriate behavior.