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15 Naughty Sex Secrets People Would Never Admit IRL

While every woman is different, there are some things all women can generally agree on when it comes to sex, and many things women secretly want in bed. We strongly encourage you to speak with sex directly to find out sex she likes and dislikes.

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Because secretes who communicate their needs and desires have far better sex more often, you should encourage her to talk asin sex stil the things she wants. Reasons She Stopped Having Sex.

21 Women Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Sex Secrets

Generally, this is true, but there are rules. It can tend to get very wet very quickly; throwing a sausage down Niagara Falls may be a more appropriate description.

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And make sure you are both showered and clean. The other problem you may face is temporary vaginal dryness.

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If she uses tampons, expect a little uncomfortable friction after she removes it to have sex, and prepare by having some lube handy. The bonus of period sex is she is likely to be quite randy — hormones make secretes a positive but obstacle-laden time for nookie.