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IN the throes of passion, it's easy to get a bit carried away.

Spaghetti in the willy and concrete in the anus… 10 of the oddest sex related injuries ever

But for these unfortunate couples, deciding to get a bit spageti backfired in a big way. From a man getting raw spaghetti stuck in his manhood to attaching a vibrator to an electric saw you can guess how well that went here are 10 of the most bonkers sex-related injuries of all time. Suffice to say, this didn't go too well for him, and the spaghetti snapped, leaving him with a bit of a problem.

According to the medical report on the case, he was left with a "masturbation injury resulting from intra-uretheral introduction of spaghetti". Her partner called emergency services and she was airlifted to hospital, according to TheBayNet.

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We're not sure how this 'light bulb' moment came about for this xxx sexpornteenage, but suffice to say he probably regretted it. The year-old male from Pakistan clearly thought it would light up his sex life to insert a light bulb into his rectum.


Panicked, he visited the spageti to make sure it wasn't a stroke - sex when his girlfriend paid him a visit in hospital and gave him a cheeky fumble under the sheets, it happened again.

She added: One couple clearly couldn't wait to get home and decided to get it on at the bloke's grandma's house.

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They say don't dip your nib in the office ink katrena nude adult but this machinist thought it'd be a great idea to give himself a thrill by grinding his groin against a moving engine belt.