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Sexy lip surgery

Whether you credit the surge of cosmetic doctors sexy their work on social mediathe recent emergence of smarter injectable fillersor the overall Jennerfication of our global beauty standards, one thing is clear: BigLips have officially arrived.

In less obvious news, however, Grossman recently alerted us to a hidden downside of maximizing the mouth.

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Should you be left with loose lips as a result of habitual overinflation, the only remedy is lip reduction surgery — that is, trimming away the excess skin, which can leave significant scars. When it comes to lips, how big is too big? Which is a blessing, surgery, since it seems our own ability to judge clearly has been impaired by porn tranny maid overwhelming ubiquity of fuller-than-full pouts.

Plastic Surgery. The Pros and Cons

The most over-injected lips Grossman has ever seen were perched on the otherwise unadorned face of a year-old businesswoman. After another doctor recommended she get lip injections every four months, this patient visited Grossman for her quarterly fill-up. Trends and lip can be very powerful.

Grossman, like most of her peers, is a fan of lip augmentation.

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