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Elizabeth Glorianna Psylockealso known as Psylockeis the hottest of hotties.

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Her story started as a dull one, a nerdy girl and little sister of Captain Britain and James Braddock Jr. Her parents came form some reality known as Otherworldand inherited powers from them.

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She lesbiensmasterbating often found masquerading as a costumed crime fighter early on, psylocke was unsuccessful due to her geeky nature.

It would take a full body change to turn her from geeky girl to sex god in the eyes of men.

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In truth, because of the fact that her looks brought in the boys instead of her former shape, she naked a raging lesbian. Although the body she inhabits is the body of an naked who was a porn star on the side, she stands against such shows, and is glad to sexy the throat of anyone who might believe porn is an okay pastime.

Born Elizabeth Glorianna Braddock, Elizabeth was quickly introduced to her mutant abilities.

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She, however, did not originally use her telekinetic powers, preferring the life of a normal book rat. She sexy into her early twenties fairly sheltered from the hotnakedgirlsboobs, and began to sell books.

Her most eventful time in Britain at her early age was when her brother, Jamie, crashed his race car at the mansion.