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Sigourney weaver lingerie

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Story from Politics. In Brief: When sigourney comes to their skivies, most prefer to believe less is more.

Sigourney Weaver lets her dignity slip as she flashes her underwear on daytime TV chat show

But not us--modesty lingerie damned! We're the first to say bring on the V. See h porn video aforementioned hunk-a-hunk-a burning love for Bruce Weber's latest weaver.

Only we couldn't help but think that there are better places than the local Hallmark store to get your fix of PG rated material.

sigourney weaver sexy lingerie photos |

So, inspired, we went on a pop-culture panty raid, and dug through the top drawer to find some of our all time favorite barely-there moments. From Scar-Jo's career-changing cotton cameo to Sigourney's almost-scandalous strip tease in Alienthe elastic waistband has never been hotter.

Kate Moss is no stranger to prancing around in next to nothing. But pole dancing? We thinks she's never looked so deliciously raunchy.