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Sloppy sex

Sloppy seconds

Drunk sex is one of the most common ways sex have sex amongst twentysomethings, and this could be for a variety of reasons. Whatever the case may be, people are having a ton of drunk sex. In fact, I know a couple of people who have had more drunk sex than sober sex, which makes my heart sink a little.

It requires a major level of Nancy Drew investigating to figure out what exactly southindian xxx happened during the sex.

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But drunk sex ditches sloppy gauze and just puts a blindfold over your eyes. Spaghetti is usually intestines, jello is supposed to brains etc. Is this a kiss? Or is this jello?

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Stoned sex always begins with the best of intentions. Your senses are working overtime and everything feels so amazing but it usually devolves into a long sex nap with nachos.