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Smelling her ass

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I love smelling women's. Its something about a woman's ass smell that makes my cock hard and her me super horny? Is that normal?

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Please tell me if smelling a woman's ass is wrong cause I really do love the Oder of smelling woman's ass smell and what her ass smell dose to me. I remember when I was a young girl around 11 or 12 me and my two friends smelled eachother's ass.

The girl was my age and the boy was 9 we were at the park and I showed them my butt and the girl and boy showed me theirs and then the boy smelled my butt and he smelled the girl's butt and I sme her butt and his butt and and the boy's dick was hard and I sp my butt and they saw my butthole and pussy and the girl ass her butt with her hands and me and the boy saw her butthole and we could smell her butt.

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Playing show me yours game is fairly common in youngsters exploring their sexuality. Pretty hot when it happens sure you'll remember this a long time with fondness yes?

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I have only sniffed my girl cousin's ass once, I was 11 she was 12 she fell asleep on malay naked chic bed and I puuled down her pantie and I sniff it and spread it open and started sniffing her butthole my dick was smelling and I jacked off and I cummed in 10 seconds ass smell made me so horny I had to stop because I would of beachhunter xxx up putting my dick in her ass and I didn want to wake her up.

The smell was like dirty stinky ass not like her I hate shit smell but I love the way a girl's butt smell when she needs to clean it like when it gets sweaty.

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