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For a large swath of young American women, light smoking is growing in popularity, according to a new study. In new research published in Preventing Chronic Diseaseresearchers from the University of Texas at Austin were intrigued by other studies that noted a spike in casual smoking in naked dutch females years.

To find out naked about very light smokers, they analyzed a sample of 9, women between ages 18 and 25 from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. While heavy smoking—a pack a day—has decreased in the U.

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It also can mean skipping smoking some days, then picking up a cigarette every so often. The research team thinks young women entering adulthood are at particular risk for smoking, perhaps because young adulthood is a time of stress and anxiety teenboatsex because smoking fewer cigarettes is women than a heavier habit.

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Research has indicated repeatedly that picking up even one cigarette puts a nipal girl xxx at increased risk naked health problems. The fact that the women who are smoking lightly tend to be young and of childbearing age is especially worrisome, they note, since smoking can not only affect conceiving and fertility but can also put women at higher risk for disorders such as cancer of the cervix. Beyond pregnancy effects, very light smokers are susceptible to the same issues that affect heavier smokers, including depression, psychological distress, and dependence on other controlled substances, the study smoking.

And while women research team did not correlate smoking with binge drinking, they found that heavy and light smokers were similar in their patterns of past alcohol bingeing.

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