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Oh, snap! These 20 celebrity Snapchat pics are far from tame.

30 Funny Snapchats You Have Ever Seen

Celebs are out there on social media being outgoing and outrageous as proven pics these 20 pics. While some celebs keep things tame and under control snapchat social media, there are some stars who take it to the next level. These 20 pics below are prime examples of how the stars like to show off on social media.

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Fans love to snapchat their fave celebs on social media, so seeing such shocking Snapshot pics are exciting and entertaining for them. They never fail to cause a stir, exactly the point of their postings.

Who pics to see boring moments anyway? Apparently, she got her body pierced in two new spots.

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In any event, the new mom is proud to share wondergirl nude nipple-based news with the Snapchat community. Model Kate Upton has taken some of the most magnificent photos over the course of her career.