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Elena Hight Snowboards Naked For ESPN's Body Issue

Page after page of useful advice, jargon busting lexicons, and brand new products that will have your drooling with lust. As much as we all pretend to pay close attention to what all the new sidecuts and camber angles mean, what we really love is the new graphics.

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Over the years, snowboard makers have come snowboard with some pretty racy designs in a bid to make their plank stand out. The fact is sex sells. Which ones are which?

Steezy Or Sleazy? 14 Snowboard Graphics You Shouldn’t Be Looking At During Work

Oh, and the nuns are armed. This one here, however, stands out. The young, naked girl pusst naked looking lady reminds us of those terrible Topman t-shirts the smart shoes brigade wear in shit nightclubs in satellite towns up and down the country.

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Last year, Burton brought out a Restricted version of their big-hitting Custom board. This version was only sold in specific shops, and featured a heavily blurred bikini wearing blonde woman. Snowboard was reminiscent of waiting for online grot to buffer when watching on a really bad internet connection.

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Naked graphic dreamt up by the Helgasons was always going to be a bit out there, but the Freestyle Board or Baord as they sometimes spell it really pushed the decency envelope. This model features, among other atrocities, a man trying to get a horse to have sex with a goat, and snowboard nappy-wearing punk kid riding on the back of a robot naked woman in lingerie.