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Stories forced corsetry

Corsets can be painful.

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Squeezing nayanthara blowjob xvideos or more inches from your waist in order to get that perfect figure? Dear god, woman, that must be torture—however will you be able to breathe? This perception has been carried into fiction: In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, creators have taken to using the physical constriction provided by corsets as an allegory for the societal constriction women faced in the past; when a woman complains about her stays, she's actually complaining about how she's oppressed by society's norms.

It's a common complaint of the Spirited Young Lady. The trope is older than radioas a lot of literature — some medically sound, some not — was produced in the nineteenth century regarding the dangers forced corset-wearing.

How To Adjust Spirella corsets

In the 21st century, people who have stories one are split: This can be very Truth in Television - when very small waists were the height of fashion and corsetry, some women would pass out from corsets too tightly laced, there were reports of death though none have yet been substantiated by modern scienceand the constant use of forced could result in misshapen rib-cages. Luckily for corset-wearers, that level of extreme tightlacing was not in fashion for very long.

Can often overlap with Of Corsets Funny.

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See also Of Corsets Sexyfor a more general overview on the garment's use, and Fashion Corsetryfor other kinds of clothing-related pain. Compare to Stories Wearing Dresses.