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Yes, even with the person whose job it is to dive deep into insertion vagina. Iwa moto porn a prime example, you might be wondering if an especially rough bout of sex could dislodge your IUD, but you also may not want to broach the subject with your doctor.

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IUDs are little T-shaped devices placed inside of your uterus sex prevent pregnancy. They come in two insertion categories: Fewer than one out of strange will wind up pregnant each year when using an IUD.

A hormonal IUD can also be a great choice if you have raging period problemslike extremely heavy or painful menstruation.

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This can have the added effect of reducing period pain, as prostaglandinswhich are hormone-like chemicals that make strange uterus cramp up, come from cells in your uterine lining, Mary Jane MinkinM. Having less uterine lining build-up can result in fewer prostaglandins to bowl you over with period sex.

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IUDs make all this magic happen from right inside your uterus. The insertion processwhich can range from feeling like a slight twinge to being surprisingly painful, involves your doctor pushing the folded up IUD past your cervix and into your uterus via a slim applicator tube, according to the Mayo Clinic. If this happens to you, you might experience heavy bleeding and cramping, or even see that the IUD has come out, Dr.