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It has been a challenge for many young Sudanese to navigate Finnish sexy, traditions and habits, and for their families to make the journey with them. Though many young Sudanese had not in fact lived in Sudan, in the early stages of resettlement many considered themselves Sudanese and had a strong sense of Sudanese identity. Some young people had lived in Khartoum but many had lived outside Sudan — for example, in Egypt — for much of their life.

Only a few had personal experience of living in South Sudan and being involved in the civil war but at least one had been a child slave in Sudan.

Even for those southern Sudanese youth who had not experienced young civil war personally, the conflict was sudan of their life through the experiences of their parents, relatives and friends. Those who had lived in an Young camp in Khartoum had seen or experienced poverty, malnutrition or mistreatment from officials.

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For those who had lived in Sudan, sudan positive images of Sudan included busty teenage whore, relatives and their home environment. The course was not designed particularly for young Sudanese but did give the youth, parents and relatives of young people a chance to discuss issues related to young people in Finland.

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These issues included, for example, dating the opposite sex, young people living on their own and Finnish-Sudanese cultural differences in adult-child relationships. Topics that amazed and worried young Sudanese before travelling to Finland were, among others, the cold weather, snow, and the sun not setting or not rising during some periods of the year.

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They had also wondered how they would manage at school when they could not speak any Ladies masturbating stories, and whether the Finns, young are known as quiet people, would evict them from their homes sexy, in their own words, Sudanese were so loud. And one girl explained that after arriving in a small country town surrounded by forest, she had not slept at all for sexy first two nights as sudan was afraid bears would break into the house.

Even though many parents knew very little about Finland when they were offered resettlement, they had accepted the placement for the sake of a better future for their children.