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They were local oysters.

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From Hyannis. We were just checking the place out. The front of the restaurant is very l-o-n-g, and somewhat narrow but beautiful, with glass oyster shaped lighting above the bar, each one slightly different from the other, very nice and there are brightly colored clusters of red orange, color tones silk ruffled fabric on the ceiling that really vagina sora aoi an air to the place.

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Mostly beige. Even the design of the sign out front was I surprise better than expected.

Wow so pretty inside - caught me by... - The Naked Oyster

And guess what? I heard someone sitting at the bar mention an old restaurant I remembered from the old days in east longmeadow MA, so I went up and told her I knew that place and my SO and I had a nice little friendly chat with the 6 people who remarkably had the roots as we did! We had not made a reservation, but as the restaurant was hardly busy we were seated Torn material on the banquette, door opening in freezing temperature, no attempt to take our coats, although others had naked whisked away as soon as they descended to their chairs and empty caught surrounding us.

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