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Guangzhou-born sushi chef Jackie Lin moved to Canada with his family when naked was 12, settling in Scarborough.

Where Shoushin chef Jackie Lin eats Chinese and Japanese food in Markham and Richmond Hill

His love for Japanese cuisine started when he was susi It is very personal. Inhe opened Shoushina Tokyo-style sushi bar lin he uses high-quality fish in omakase tasting menus.

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Go-to item 1: Bak turkey beach girl teh pork rib soup Tasting notes: Go-to item 2: Hainanese chicken and rice Tasting notes: The tender poached chicken is sliced and served with its skin on. And they serve it with three dipping sauces—the key ingredients for good Hainanese chicken and rice. Lin visits his favourite fishmonger in Richmond Hill once a week. I trust what he brings in, and I believe this is the freshest place to buy the fish I want to serve in my restaurant.