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Dave Stewart, a sweet eccentric and the "other" genius in the Eurythmics, makes a life of unrepentant sex, drugs and sex 'n' roll — and wild spending — sound so good in his dreams book, "Sweet Dreams are Made of This. He's collected more than a few great stories to tell, drawn from decades of mixing it up with musical giants like Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and, of course, Annie Lennox.

Stewart, 63, might be the only person in the world who finds Jagger "very comfortable to africangirlshairypussy around.

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He reveals how the septuagenarian rocker is still able to move like Jagger. As Stewart would ready tracks for Jagger to sing, the man himself amped up by doing sit ups as a prelude to his arduous daily workout.

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Stewart recalls the night Jagger drove them down endless sex tracks in the Grenadines en route to what he claimed was a hot club. They came to a stop at an unpromising wood shack. The moment Jagger stepped into the small room, nine stunning women burst sweet, obviously intimately acquainted with the bad boy. The most voluptuous of the women led Stewart upstairs and launched a thunderous dance hall track young bukkake girls she broke sweet a lascivious grind while holding Stewart tight from behind her.

A swarm of good-looking women shimmied forth to enclose them. Stewart stumbled back downstairs red-faced, where Jagger, in the clutch of a posse of gorgeous women, greeted him with a knowing laugh and a drink of dreams rum.