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Recipe close Kelly Phillips.

The first time I used captioned nude humor marshmallow cr Basically, this represents a terrific, 5-star fudge recipe; I would tweak teen instructions, though. Absolutely incredible fudge!

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It is perfectly smooth, creamy, chocolately, and all-around enjoyable. Try putting the marshmallow creme in the microwave for creamy 15 seconds before adding it to th This was my first time to make fudge and it turned out great!

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Many people at my dessert buffet said that it was the best fudge they had ever had. It was so creamy - not grainy at all.

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I have You really don't need another review to tell you how creamy this fudge is! I do want to offer you some tips in making fudge as it was passed along to me and it does make a difference.

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