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Teen swim meet

Whether you are an aspiring athlete with disabilities or not the process of becoming a competitive swimmer is the same.

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If you are over 18 years of age and looking to join a club you need Masters Swimming. You start by earning swimming badges and certificates for Stages By the time you reach Stage 10 you will be completing a set lasting m. Next step is to take your competitive swimmer aspirations to the next level. Join a Swim England affiliated club, and become a member of Swim England through the club.

Swim Teams: Skill Building for Older Children and Teens

This mexicanthugporn ensure you get expert tuition and guidance. It is the same swim you want to get into open water swimming. Meet your nearest club by using our English Clubs look-up below.

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Type your area in the search box teen it will filter as you type. Or you can choose to list up to clubs at a time on the page and look through.