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Nudity and "The Bachelor": What a contestant's Playboy past reveals about double standards and sex

While most of the shoots were bachelor, Brittany nude Nick dressed up as Adam and Eve … and the result was quite nude. Talk about making a splash.

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Ben, who is now happily engaged to the winner of his season, Lauren Bushnell, went on his very first the date with Caila Quinn, which included a hot tub component.

Girl, we love cut-offs, too.

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It was immediate but it was only for about twenty seconds, and um, it was just the tip. On season 2 of Bachelor Padthe contestants had a take the very intense synchronized swim class, a. The reason why wearing bathing suits was an integral component of the shoot? We may never know. How else was he supposed to find The One??

11 Most Naked Moments in Bachelor History

Finally, an appropriate reason to be wearing bikinis! On Season 15 of The BachelorBrad Womack had the women over to his mansion to partake in some good old-fashioned pool party activities.

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