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A freaking REAL woman in command, who is human but not a melodramatic basket case, naked women flashers a plot that makes sense and is never over the top, with an ACTUAL couple supporting each other and their family, tia an engaging political and spy plot: This show is.

With of course, incomparably better leoni.

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Bonus points: Tim Daly gets to stick it to SR by being lead in a CBS show with numbers and writing that right now, she can only dream of. In honor of it almost being Pride month, I had to share this. Log in Sign up. Spanglish Cloris Leachman Tea Leoni me a favorite film my edits my gifs.

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Okay, but this is too cute. Tea Leoni.

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I am two on two on pilots I picked when they were ordered to series that turned out to be awesome: Madam Secretary and Scorpion. Fuck start from Madam Secretary. In short: Madam Secretary elizabeth mccord henry mccord tim daly Tea Leoni queue queue:

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