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A NANNY at a nursery was forced to resign after naked pictures of her allegedly appeared on a dating website. The candid shots showed plump year-old Irina M, posing naked and sitting in a chair with her legs open.

Nanny McFilthy: 50-year-old loses job at nursery over naked pics

Accompanying the pictures was a note saying she was a "simple woman, delicate, caring, and tender". She also mentioned that she topless tired of loneliness and was looking for a man who was ready for a serious relationship.

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Interestingly, furious Irina has reported the dating website posting to the police, claiming the pictures must have been photoshopped and that she would never do anything of the sort. The parent copied the pictures and sent them to the local education authorities asking them to resolve the matter.

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Nanny mum who topless made the complaint and who has asked to remain nanny claims: Tatiana Semashko, a psychologist who was asked to look at the pictures said nanny the situation was not so tragic and added: The woman simply wanted to feel happy again.

But Irina has demanded action from the police, asking them to find out who published the pictures which she insists are fake.

She maintains she never posed for them and it was even less likely women sluts pissing she would ever have put them online.

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Her colleagues have called her topless "great professional and a kind person" but noted that her personal life had been unsuccessful.