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Treadmill thong

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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. To find the best underwear for various types of exercise, I asked fitness instructorsstudio owners, and experienced exercisers to share their Hot brazilian milf Grail underwear picks with the rest of us.

With a laser-cut hem, this thong will definitely go unnoticed. These hipsters from Spanx have a full-lace backside if you love lace but want more coverage than a thong. Like treadmill Spanx pieces, they create a smooth, even shape without making themselves known through your clothes. Calvin Klein also offers a barely there option that can stand up to any demanding treadmill moves.

The 21 Best Workout Underwear for Women

Their SilverTech collection blends soft organic cotton with naturally antibacterial silver thread to banish odor in sweaty classes. Their styles are soft on skin and suitably stretchy for moving through meditative sun salutations. Running underwear is a tricky subject. Most quality running shorts have a built-in liner, and running tights are often designed with a moisture-wicking gusset that makes going commando an option year-round. The thin microfiber and mesh make them as comfortable as thong sans underwear.

Dear Men: Let Me Walk You Through Life in a Thong

When thong gets cold out, I find that adding underwear under my running tights is a must for staying warm. These boy shorts protect my butt from freezing temperatures and strong winds, and are made from wool, which wicks moisture away just as well as synthetic blends, but feels way softer in sensitive areas. The breathable mesh construction feels cool even through a hot-yoga class or a run on a humid day, and the antimicrobial treatment stops the growth of the bad-smelling bacteria in sweat.