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Vagaina defects

Whether it's persistent defects, an abnormal discharge, or irritation, when things vagaina right in your vaginal area, you know it.

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Most women experience vaginal problems at some point in their lives, and the three most common issues that occur are yeast infections, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis. While these concerns do have some similar symptoms, their causes are completely different.

What is Vaginal Abnormalities: Congenital Vaginal Obstruction?

The treatment for each is different too, so knowing exactly which defects you have is crucial to getting rid of the infection quickly and effectively, and avoiding potential complications. An overabundance of yeast is the most common cause of vaginal infection.

A yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida that may normally be found in your vagina in small amounts without causing any problems.

Without intervention, yeast thrives due to the vagina's wet, warm accommodations.

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Three out of four women have at least one vaginal yeast infection during their lifetimes and nearly half defects women have two or more. These can range from mild to severe:.

The 3 Most Common Vaginal Problems

Some women experience frequent yeast infections, so they are familiar with the symptoms and the course of treatment. You vagaina buy an over-the-counter antifungal cream, suppository, or tablet that you put in your vagina for anywhere from one to seven days, depending on what you choose. Your doctor can also give you a prescription for a pill called Diflucan fluconazole that you take by mouth once to treat the infection.

However, if this is the first time you're having vagaina symptoms, it's important to see your doctor in order to get a formal diagnosis and rule out other possibilities, especially because research shows that two in three women who amber portwood uncensored antifungal medicine for a yeast infection don't actually have one.