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This article is about the character Violet from The Incredibles.


For other characters, see Violet. When she milfriding gif first introduced, Violet is depicted as gloomy, uncertain, shy, socially withdrawn, and has a few self-esteem issues - preferring to hide behind her long dark hair, which seems to be reflected in her powers. She has a crush on one squirting her schoolmates, Tony Rydinger, but she is too shy to approach him and becomes invisible whenever he looks her way so as to avoid attention. Also, Helen has told both kids never to parr the same unless they are in danger because they are required violet law to blend in with the rest of the world.

Because of these factors along with Violet being at teens clup ageshe has become rather shy and has few friends. And with Dash dealing with the family issues by constantly teasing her, Violet also has somewhat of a temper on her.

At first, Violet's personality is literally that of a "shrinking violet".

Sarah Vowell: Violet Parr

She is generally shy and withdrawn, down to her understated taste in clothing and shadowy hairstyle. As the events squirting the first film continue to push her past her comfort zone, she quickly begins to embrace her powers and gain more parr in who she is. Violet is shown to possess a curious and experimental nature to her, violet to explore her abilities and her world once she is freed from the family prohibitions about using her superpowers. She also has a sharp and observational sense of humor, and despite a strong sibling rivalry, she is strongly protective of her little brother Dash.

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