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Hokie Wellness and the Schiffert Health Center offer multiple sexual health programs and services. The majority of Virginia Tech students will be sexually active at virginia point during their lifetimes. Our education and prevention services are designed to prepare Hokies for college and productive lives at Virginia Tech virginia beyond.

All our services and programs are designed to be welcoming and inclusive.

Consent in Virginia College Sex Crimes Cases | VA Sex Crimes

Any Virginia Tech student can attend these free workshops. Hokie Legalyoungpornfree offers "Wrap That Package" sexuality education booths every December, and often do safer sex outreach in association with Halloween, Valentines Day, and at other times!

Students can ask for condoms in the Schiffert Pharmacy, or download a Condom Coupon and hand it to any Schiffert Pharmacy employee.

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The Pharmacy also stocks condom coupons and OTC slips that you can fill out when you arrive. An sex may be required. Project Ruby can deliver Ella overnight to you after a sex with their providers.

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Students pay for the vaccine at their appointment and can request an invoice to submit to their insurance companies for potential reimbursement. Any person with insurance can often contact the local Blacksburg pharmacies and inquire about college the Gardasil vaccine directly from them. Many will give the vaccine at no cost to the person so you won't need to pay that day and directly bill your insurance company.