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Like any hostess worth her salt, gif vagina is usually happy to accommodate visitors But sometimes things get lodged inside the vaginal canal and are so hard to retrieve, it seems like you'll need the gynecological version of the jaws of life to make things right. It's like your vagina's taunting you, saying, "You want this thing out?

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You'll have to pry it from my warm, wet walls lol good luck. And if it vegaina to it, a medical practitioner can also lend a hand. Either way, rest easy: You won't have to walk around with this random thing inside of you for the rest of your days. The NuvaRing, another form of contraception, and estrogen-providing rings women can use after menopause to relieve issues like vaginal drynesscan also get caught up there, Mary Wet Minkin, M.

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That's my personal best," says Minkin. While you'll probably immediately notice that something like a condom or diaphragm has gone MIA, it might take more time to realize a tampon has disappeared into the vaginal selfieporn. Sometimes people simply forget they have one in, or even accidentally put a fresh tampon in on top of an old one.

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