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And rest assured, neither of them have anything to do with you. If he's doing it too often, he may stop being able to climax with you.

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If you've noticed that your guy takes a long time to climax during sex or if he can't finish at all, the only way to find out if excessive solo sex is the problem is to ask. Then mention that you read in Cosmo that masturbating too much can make it hard aman orgasm.

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By bringing up that you read this article, you'll let him know he's not the only one doing it, nude taiwan stars will make him more willing to talk masterbating it. Once you've gotten it out in the open, the best course of action is for him simply to stop cold turkey.

Motivate him by explaining that sex is better for you when he's able to finish and that you're open to having sex with him more often. Hearing that his habit is getting in the way of your enjoyment should kick his ass into gear, because guys take pride in being able to please you.

Why Men Force Women to Watch Them Masturbate

Over time, he'll get used to climaxing during sex again and be able to go back to masturbating, as long as he's not woman so multiple times a day. Type keyword s to search.

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