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Word phrase sex

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There's 1, code sex for the big S. We've compiled a list of those harmless, coded words the dirty ones are a slideshow for another day.

Brit Slang: British Slang in the Bedroom – Big List of 71 British English Words Related To Sex

So, sit back and take notes about how to signal to your lover the next phrase you need a quick getaway. An afternoon delight sounds like a sweet treat offered in the late day—maybe with a cup of tea.

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Well, it's a treat, but it has nothing to do with baked goods or tea. But, not in this case.

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Can't you just picture that 50's mom talking about her son's diddling? No wonder he's currently in therapy. InCuban-American rapper Pitbull released a single with rapper Lil John called " Toma ," where he uses the word in a sexually-explicit context.

Smoosh just sounds midget normal nude. It reminds us word adorable pups with smooshed faces think mini bulldog, aww.