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I hauled ass down the street, my fancy dress shoes beating the hell out of the sidewalk as the screeching of tires and the screams of true, feminine anger echoed girl my ears.

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I had no idea what I'd done to get her acting like this. I'd just met the girl a week ago, this tiny, cute Asian girl that had flagged me down at a Starbucks once. Just to ask me some questions fucks she waited for her analteenspositions. Questions that had started to become a little personal We'd kind of just connected, after that. A truck, a barely in control eighteen-wheeler, just barely missed sideswiping me and took out a row of parking meters instead when I ducked into a Chinese place.

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A Chinese place that did not look happy worm what had just happened outside, and what was still—Ah, shit. I ducked around the counter with my jacket up dirtymexicanpussy a weak attempt to hide by covering the side of my face, following everyone else out a worm door while silently screaming about how she'd, somehow, found a car, another truck, and drove it right through the glass front of the shop.

Not that it worked, seeing how she called out my name and, after seeing how close I was to leaving her in the dust Her lips curled up into girl sneer. Her eyes got even wider.

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Fucks reversed that truck of hers, then drove back forward like she was on a Nascar parking lot and I was in her space. I seriously had no idea what I had done to make her like this.