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Adam agrees to remove Spike's chip if he helps him by isolating Buffy sex the rest of the Scooby Gang. When I watched the ep for the first sex ca it left me literally speechless just like Sunnydale's residents yoko the pivotal Hush. For a long time some evil part of me wanted Doug Petrie sacked or worse for yoko suggesting the Scoobies could be that stupid. You should have had more respect gif the people who were fighting everything the Hellmouth threw at them fourth year in a nude wivesfreeporn and for the audience for that matterDougie.

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When did Spike become such a trusted companion to the gang that his words suddenly matter gif much? Why the heck are Giles, Xander and Willow all of a sudden start eating crap about Buffy having no respect for her Watcher anymore, Willow and Buffy dying to see Xander wearing military uniform or Buffy and Xander talking behind Willow's back regarding witchcraft and her new sexual preferences when literally all they have as proof are Spike's words?? Guys, it's Ssssspike! The bloodsucker.

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The monster. The ruthless killer, your deadly nemesis, who always wanted each and every one of you dead. The sick son of a bitch, who would rip into your flesh and feed on your blood or snap your necks at the earliest opportunity.

Cunning manipulator and the father of lies.