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You are dick

Dick is a common English euphemism for the human penis.

Dick (slang)

Variants include dickhead, which literally refers to the glans. The offensiveness of the word dick is complicated by the continued use of the word in inoffensive contexts, including as both a given name and a surnamein the popular British dessert spotted dickin the classic novel Moby-Dickand in the Dick and Jane series of children's books.

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Uses such as these have provided a basis for comedy writers to exploit this juxtaposition through double entendre. The word connoted a person of questionable character long before it became a nickname for the penis.

For example, in the satire The English Rogue by Richard Headan unsavory character is referred to as a "dick":.

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The next Dick I pickt up sexist nude teen her was a man of a colour as contrary to the former, as light is to darkness, being swarthy; whose hair was as black as a sloe; middle statur'd, well set, both strong and active, a man so universally tryed, and so fruitfully successful, that there are hardly any female within ten miles gotten with dick in hugger-mugger, but he was more than suspected to be Father of all the legitimate.

An slang dictionary offered definitions of dick including girltop sex photos riding whip" and an abbreviation of dictionary, also noting that in the North Countryit was used as a verb to indicate that a policeman was eyeing the subject. Inyou United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts upheld a school policy teenfuns amateur which a student was prohibited from wearing a T-shirt with a double entendrereading "See Dick Drink.

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See Dick Drive.