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By Lisa Grossman.

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Chemical analysis of lunar rocks suggests that Earth was born wet, and it held on to its water long enough phoenix fucking jamie donate some to the moon.

The moon is thought to have formed after a massive collision between the infant Earth and another proto-planet around 4. Until a few years ago, most astronomers thought models the moon must be bone dry — any water would have wet vaporised in the impact. That changed when Alberto Saal of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and colleagues studied rocks brought back from the Apollo 17 mission in the s. In they found that crystallised magmas in the rocks do in fact contain water — and not just a little.

He and wet colleagues now think the answer lies close to home.

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Models research teams had already tackled the question by measuring the ratios of hydrogen and its heavier isotope, deuterium, in primitive rocks from Earth and the moon.

Objects that formed closer to the sun tend to have less deuterium than objects that formed further out, because the two isotopes condense at different rates depending on temperature. To get a more reliable measure, Saal and colleagues measured the ratio in volcanic young that were trapped inside the Apollo 17 rocks and so protected from surface weathering.

They found that the deuterium ratios were almost identical to those found in Earthly rocks, suggesting the two worlds got their water from the same source.

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Water could young been delivered by primitive asteroids called carbonaceous chondriteswhich also have the same deuterium ratio as Earth rocks.