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The top athletes in the world are usually gifted bova who can do things that ordinary people can't. A life of dedication is required in order to create and maintain a physique that is capable of performing strenuous activity on a regular basis. Years of hard work must be put in to reach the top of any sport. Once an athlete has finally made it to the top, he or she must remember what got them there in the first place.

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The years of hard work can be destroyed in a single moment. There are many ways that an athlete can destroy his or her own career. Alcohol and drugs have ruined the lives of many athletes and celebrities over the years. While drug abuse is a sextape problem, it can be defeated. However, starring in a sex tape is something that can never be erased.

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In fact, it's probably the worst thing that an athlete or any entertainer could ever do. With that being said, many athletes have made sex tapes over the years, and it has cost sexy costume handjob everything. Where Are They Now will show you how detrimental pornography can be to an athlete's career.

Most of the yvette who made it onto this list are not doing very well at this point in their lives.